Green Conferences

Thon Hotel Kautokeino, Northern Norway

Meetings are often a necessity when decisions are to be made. One of Norway’s largest hotel chains, Thon Hotels, is the first of its kind to offer environmentally-friendly conferences in line with the new standard set by Foundation Eco-Lighthouse.

Conducting Green Conferences means that in cooperation with conference participants, the hotel tailors the conference so that there is minimal climate and environmental impact. Extra attention is paid to factors such as providing environmentally-friendly transport to and from meetings as well as ensuring locally produced food and environmentally-friendly meeting rooms.

There are strict requirements for being able to offer Green Conferences:

• The hotel must among other things be Eco-Lighthouse certified, be able to submit a climate action plan for its own operations as well as prioritise serving locally produced organic food.
• The hotel commits to collaborating with local public organisations and authorities in order to plan transportation that contributes to participants’ choosing the most environmentally- friendly form of transportation.
• Strict environmental requirements are also given to all major partners and suppliers to a Green Conference.
• In addition, customers are required to be environmentally certified or be able to document that they are initiating a process for becoming environmentally certified.

Thon Hotel in Arendal was Norway’s first hotel to launch Green Conferences.

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