Become an Eco-Lighthouse

Enterprises wanting to become an Eco-Lighthouse undergo a certification process lasting between 3 and 6 months. In collaboration with an authorised Eco-Lighthouse consultant, the enterprise establishes an internal environmental group and completes an internal environmental analysis.

This analysis starts out by looking at the enterprise’s environmental impact in the areas of energy, waste, transport, procurement and work environment. Subsequently, an action plan is created that includes measures to be implemented in the enterprise in order to be awarded environmental certification.

When these measures have been implemented and the enterprise fulfills branch requirements, an independent assessor approves the enterprise as an Eco-Lighthouse, which is then issued an Eco-Lighthouse diploma.

The Eco-Lighthouse certificate is valid for three years before it must be renewed through a re-certification of the enterprise.

Becoming an Eco-Lighthouse 

Becoming an Eco-Lighthouse is a good start. Being an Eco-Lighthouse means taking environmental responsibility on a daily basis.