Become an Eco-Lighthouse

An enterprise that wants to become an Eco-Lighthouse undergoes a process lasting three to six months.

First, the enterprise establishes an internal environmental group and with the help of an authorized Eco-Lighthouse consultant. An environmental analysis is then carried out, to ascertain which criteria will be applicable in addition to the general industry criteria which applies to all. The environmental impact in the areas of waste, energy, transportation, procurement and work environment are all evaluated. The first annual Climate and environmental report is filled in, complete with action plan for measures to be implemented in the coming year. This report is completed and submitted every year before April 1st.

When the necessary measures have been implemented an independent third-party certifier authorised by the Eco-Lighthouse is summoned to check that the criteria are met. All criteria must be met before the enterprise can be awarded the Eco-Lighthouse certificate and diploma.

The certificate is valid for three years before the process of re-certification, where all criteria as well as the Climate and Environmental reports for the intervening years again are checked by a certifier. If all criteria are met, a new three-year certificate is issued.

Becoming an Eco-Lighthouse 

Becoming an Eco-Lighthouse is a good start. Being an Eco-Lighthouse means taking environmental responsibility on a daily basis.