Industry Criteria

The Eco-Lighthouse scheme is based on a set of general requirements, the General Industry Criteria, which apply to enterprises in all industries, and over 70 sets of criteria applicable to specific industries.

Some of these requirements have been translated into English, and are available here:

Industries are classified according to the Norwegian Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007). To achieve certification under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme, enterprises must satisfy both the General Industry Criteria and the criteria specific to their respective industries.

Groups of Industries and Industry Criteria:

General criteria
General criteria
Head office (only used with the head office certification model)

Building and construction
Building contractor
Electrical contractor
Master painter
Heavy equipment contractor
Master bricklayer
Ventilation contractor
Landscape gardener

Concrete products industry
Galvanic enterprise
Recycling enterprise
Glazing industry
Mechanical workshop
Plastics industry – Thermoplastic
Quarry and gravel works
Powder coating
Upholstery industry
Wood processing industry

Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles
Car dealer
Automobile repare shop
Autocare services
Auto repair and paint shop

Transport and storage
Transport management enterprise
Taxi operators with affiliated licenced drivers
Port authority
Shipping company – domestic
Tank facility/wholesaler of solid, liquid and gaseous fules and related products with own tanks
Road transport

Overnight accommodation
Basic overnight accommodation

Food and beverage
Catering and commercial kitchens
Food and beverage outlets
Food industry

Sales and shopping
Wholesale and retail trade
Wholesale and retail trade (head office )
Shopping centre

Real estate
Real estate

Technical and creative services
Project designer (architect and consulting engineer)
Graphic designs company

Bank, finance and insurance
Banking and finance

Primary and lower secondary school/day-care facility for schoolchildren
Driving school
Upper secondary school/folk high school

Health and social services
Residential institution
Home-based health services
Doctor’s office / emergency room / health centre
Nursing home
Dental clinic

Sports, recreation and entertainment
Ski resort
Sports facility
Organized outdoor activities
Facilitator for outdoor activities
Green events
Green conferences
Performing arts
Pool and swimming bath facility
Animal and farm park

Dry cleaner
Laundry service
Cleaning company

Community services
Funeral home
Joint parish council and cemeteries
Fire brigade and sweeping
Plant nursery and garden centre